SO, here I am again, with a quick anouncement for you guys!
TOMORROW, Dec 22, we will have a new page in our website

It is going to be Christmas special, with new fakes,
and it is going to be



That's it, hope you all have a nice Christmas with Bieber!


One Direction 1 (request)

It's been a long time since I posted my last original fake... hope you like!


Guys, I don't know which part of  "you can make requests until this saturday (21)" you didn't understand... by the way, I considered all the requests until NOW, and the fakes i am making are:

- Justin Bieber (as the request I like most) THIS WILL BE IN jbiebergasm.blogspot.com!
- One Direction (as the most requested)
- Nathan Kress (as a random request)

Next time, please avoid requesting under 18 guys like Cody Simpson and Ross Lynch (that I would really like to post the one I made for myself).

Fuck you bitches, see ya in the next post with a new One Direction fake... with ALL of them...



Hey everyone! Just came to remember you that you can make requests of fakes you want to see here by commenting the post "Getting Back + REQUESTS!" until this saturday (21)! New fakes will be made very soon! http://afosfakes.blogspot.com.br/2012/07/getting-back-request.html


Jared Padalecki fucking Jensen Ackles GIF

Here's an AWESOME gif i found! And don't forget to ask for requests in the previous post!

Getting back + REQUEST!

HEEEEEY everyone! I know I have been away for a long time, but for this month I PROMISE YOU that I'll post a lot of fakes (the best ones I find) and I'll make NEW fakes too! Who do you want to see naked? fucking who? TELL ME!

COMMENT in this post and tell me what you want to see here!
(you can make more than 1 comment if you want)

I will make:
- One fake for the request I like most;
- One fake for the most requested person;
- One fake for a RANDOM request.

(maybe I do more, don't forget I have another blog: jbiebergasm.blogspot.com)